Child Advocates of Silicon Valley

Trever B*

Stock photo to protect the identity of the writerTo most people the most meaningful things in life are materialistic. They look at what they got rather than who the item’s from, or the price, rather than how hard that person worked to afford it.

When a person asks me what the three most important things in my life are, I don’t say my hair, my fancy phone, or my computer that I am so attached to.

No, to me the three most important things in life are my aunt’s family, my CASA, and the influence of music.

My aunt’s family has stuck with me for years. After my foster placement originally began, they have been in my life doing all that they could to help, making sure that I am comfortable in my placements. Even before foster care, they would bring joy to my boring and bland life. They have always been there to support me. When times were tough I could always depend on them, but I took advantage of what they did for me.

Even after my mess ups they were still there to take me every step of the way to get where I am today. I consider them a better family than my original one. I have no doubts that they will always remain in my life.

The next most important thing to me is my CASA. CASAs do not get paid, they volunteer. There is no paycheck for what they do. They are there to make children and teens in foster care feel comfortable in their placement.

My advocate’s name is Lisa. She is there when I need help with school, questions on life, and anything I need. She has helped with making sure I was comfortable with my surroundings, placement and school.

I appreciate all the wonderful things she has done in my life. It’s because of her I am able to be more social and find my way around places.

My third and last appreciation is the influence of music on my life. They say music has a big impact on the way you live your life, that it can help control emotions, calm a person, or simply give someone something to do.

Music stays with you no matter where you are. It’s everywhere, in the trees, the middle of traffic, even in your own hands. Music for me has done many things. It helps keep me calm and down to earth, more so than other activities.

If I am ever in a depressed mood all I need to do is put in an ear bud and blast whatever genre my mood is based on. Music makes me feel infinite. It makes me feel like the earth has stopped just for me. It helps block all negative emotions from ruining a good day.

Music makes life simpler. My aunt’s family, my advocate, and music – these three things keep my life in pace with the rest of the world. The three things that mean the most to me keep me happy and help me.

Forget an iPhone or that mac book air, be thankful for who you have in your life and what they have done just to please you and make sure that you are satisfied. Be happy they are trying to please you.

*Trever’s name and picture have been changed to protect his identity. He wrote this paper for his English class.