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Are Your a Caltrain Rider?

Thursday, Dec 14, 2017

Starting on December 14th, and in partnership with SF CASA and CASA of San Mateo, we began recruiting Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) from the 50,000 people a day who ride Caltrain.

One child comes into foster care in Santa Clara County every day and that means we are always trying to recruit the best CASAs we can find for them. Being a nonprofit, we have to be wise about our ad spending, which is why, last fall, we asked one of our interns to research a few dozen low-budget, big-audience ways we could reach out.

That intern -- Erin Bautista of SJSU -- found a Caltrain program that only charged a $50 posting fee as long as the nonprofit covered the printing costs (about $1450). Those printing costs were a bit high got us, but since Caltrain's lines run through 3 counties with CASA programs, we reached out to our friends in San Mateo and San Francisco. They agreed to split the cost.

In the end, because of an intern's research, a public agency's thoughtfulness, and a lot of hustle, we have been able to reach hundreds of thousands of Caltrain riders in the past month, all for less than $500.

If you're a Caltrain rider and you see our ad, please tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter! If you're interested in becoming a Court Appointed Special Advocate, you can sign-up for one of our info session here.

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