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Stories From the Work: Elizabeth and Daniel

Monday, Jun 4, 2018

School is out and summer is here! We want to recognize the extraordinary bond of Daniel and his CASA Elizabeth. Elizabeth has been Daniel’s CASA for the last 5 years. Elizabeth became Daniel's CASA, after having what she calls a "life-altering lunch" when a friend suggested she volunteer.

When Elizabeth first met Daniel, her goal was to provide guidance and support to the young teen. Now as he heads off on a full scholarship to Claremont McKenna College, Elizabeth's realizing how much she gained from Daniel.

 Elizabeth first heard about being a CASA through a co-worker. Elizabeth had been thinking about volunteering for quite a while but her co-worker really sparked her interest in the CASA program. “I’m so happy that I got involved in the CASA program,” she said.

Elizabeth met Daniel when he was 13 years old. The first time they met was at a Team Decision Making meeting and Daniel was moving to a new foster home. Elizabeth didn’t know what to expect meeting the young teenager for the first time. “It took a long time to develop trust,” Elizabeth said. “I took an interest in things that he liked and that helped.” Elizabeth took Daniel to comic book stores and to the movies, two things which Daniel is passionate about. Over time Daniel began to open up to Elizabeth and their relationship began to grow.

                Elizabeth recounts going to My TIME meetings with Daniel. My TIME is an organization specializing in helping foster youth move towards independence. My TIME had meetings with Daniel, his social workers and foster parents to help with the college application process. They took him through the steps and possibilities of what a college education could look like. Elizabeth is thankful for My TIME and all of their support. They did a lot to help Daniel get his scholarship. Daniel says, " The CASA program has given me someone who I can always go to no matter what for support, even if I feel like there is no one else there. My dream is to graduate college and do something that helps people in need." 

                 “It’s not been easy and it’s been a long road. I admire every step he’s taken. Daniel’s not the lucky one, I am,” said Elizabeth. We at Child Advocates want to congratulate Daniel on his scholarship and we want to thank Elizabeth for her help and support for Daniel through this journey. Be CASA, help change a life!

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