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Stories from the Work: Michael and Kevin

Tuesday, Dec 5, 2017

Michael was only 2 when he was removed from his mother’s care. He then bounced between his mom and dad before moving into foster care when he was 3. The chaos in his young life had hurt his ability to speak and he didn’t know how to form words without slurring.

Thankfully, his Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), Kevin, had the patience and training from Child Advocates to help Michael find his words. He found activities to help Michael build his vocabulary, like going to the aquarium (fish! birds! beach! sky!) and celebrating Lunar New Year.

As an experiment, one day Kevin took Michael out for Vietnamese pho – and he slurped it up! Now pho is all Michael wants to eat every single time they see each other.

(“I want pho!” is now one of his favorite sentences.)

We are so grateful for all of the ways -- tiny and huge -- our volunteers change the lives of the children we all serve.

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